madmarsrocks is a popular creator in LittleBigPlanet. He is known to make levels such as The Conversation-Bot, and he has also been friends with Creators such as steve_big_guns and StevenI

The BeginningEdit

In 2009, he got LBP PSP. All the friends he had talked about LBP. He didn't have a PS3 at the time, so he had to get it for PSP.

His first thoughts of LBP were positive. He thought he could make everything on the game. But in 2010, he got a PS3 as a gift for his birthday. Anyway, he played some other games for some time until he saw LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year Edition. He wanted to get it, for a legitmate reason. That reason/goal was to meet all sorts of cool friends and mind-blow the entire community with the awesome levels he would soon make. Sadly, only half of the goal was achieved, and that was to meet some friends he liked. But he still wants to mind-blow the community. Unfortunately, thanks to some stupid emos and wannabe trolls, madmarsrocks did not get the reputation he wanted. He wanted a crown and a good time on LBP.

He has collaborated with serveral Creators in the past, such as FattyMcIntosh, Glitch_Frog and Glitch Sack, and even cvb23e! All of them and more were very good friends to madmarsrocks.


In 2011, he, along with Glitch_Frog and Glitch_Sack, created a glitching team named LittleBigGlitchers. Glitch_Frog was the first to be known. Then Glitch_Sack was found. madmarsrocks was still left in the shadows, while his friends got all the fame. His chance of becoming a popular Creator was interfered thanks to people like Mister-Troil and EL_Machette809.

Present Edit

Not much is currently going on with madmarsrocks on LBP these days. He has been playing other games such as Final Fantasy XV, Overwatch and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8. Due to his current disliking towards LBP3, he plays LittleBigPlanet 2 for his LBP fix.